Terms and conditions

1. Definition

Welcome to www.bachaocash.com. The legal document here describes the terms and conditions that are implied for the website www.bachaocash.com. The website is operated by Visual Softsolutions Pvt Ltd ("we", "us", "Company", "bachaocash", "bachaocash.com". Kindly go through our terms of service ("terms of service", "Agreement") carefully as it describes the legal terms and conditions and you have agreed to all these terms and conditions while registering with us. The terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice by us.


The merchants/ retailers/stores are the ecommerce websites on which you transact while purchasing their products or services.


2. Membership

By registering at Bachaocash.com, you agree with the terms and conditions as listed on our website. We ask you whether you agree with the terms and conditions or not during registration process. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, you would not be able to join Bachaocash.com.


Kindly note that members of BachaoCash are strictly not allowed to run any sort of paid ads on Facebook, Google or any other online/offline platform to point to Bachaocash.com. If any of the member is found doing so, Bachaocash reserves the right to immediately terminate that user's account without prior notice or any clarification.


3. Our services


The casback service at Bachaocash.com allows the users to create an account with us so as to be eligible to earn cashback. Your visit to retailer sites is tracked by third party. In order to be eligible to earn cashback, it is mandatory that the retailer confirms us with the transaction and the transaction should be genuine and successful. It is mandatory that we receive the cashback from the retailers and then only we are liable to pay you the cashback amount as listed on our website, which is subject to change without prior notice.


In case our partner retailer is unable to track your transaction using their affiliate tracking system, BachaoCash is not paid for such transactions and as a result we are not liable to pay the cashback amount to you.


Unique referral fee

The users of BachaoCash are eligible to refer their friends the referral link as provided by the site. The user then earns 10% cashback of the earning obtained by each of their referral till the time that the user is an active member of the site.


4. Membership

In order to join BachaoCash site, you should be aged at least 18 years. You are responsible for provision of accurate information about yourself on the website including your name, email, address and other details. If you request for payments, you are responsible for provision of accurate bank account details in order to be eligible to receive the cashback into your bank account. BachaoCash would only be responsible for the transfer of funds to the bank account details as provided by you.


Do ensure to register with the latest email address of yours for which you have complete access, as we would send important mails to your registered email only.


5. Cashback

When you have made qualifying transaction, and it is successfully tracked by the retailer, we receive the cashback from that retailer and then pass the cashback amount as mentioned on our website, which is subject to change anytime without prior notice. It is mandatory that you are logged in while making transaction with any of our retailer sites


Kindly note that there are the chances that the transaction is not tracked by our partner retailer resulting into non-qualified transaction and/or we do not receive cashback from such a transaction. This can also be the case for referral transaction. By joining the BachaoCash website, you agree that all the transactions made by you are tracked by our partner retailers. If the transaction is not tracked, you are not authorised to communicate with the partner retailer. Furthermore, we are not responsible for such failure of transaction tracking. Furthermore, the retailers may decrease/ increase the commission amount due to which the commission amount mentioned on BachaoCash might be incorrect. In such a case, the cashback would be given to you based on the commission report received by the retailer that may be less or more than that mentioned on our website. We are not liable to pay any such differences to our members under any circumstance.


For the qualified transactions, we keep a track record and put it into the "Pending payment" status in your BachaoCash account. Once we receive the commission from the retailer, we mark the payment as "Validated". This process may usually take 90 working days or more from the date of purchase done by you, depending on the retailer. For any returned goods, or order cancellation due to any reason, you are not liable to get the cashback. Additionally, if the retailer considers your transaction as unfair for any of their reasons, you would not receive any cashback for the associated transaction done by you. The retailer or BachaoCash are not required to state any reason for such a case.


The transactions are considered qualified as per the sole discretion of BachaoCash or the retailer with whom you have made the transaction through our website. If the retailer fails in reporting the transaction, or does not consider the transaction as qualified, you would not receive any cashback for such a transaction. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any sort of error, or technical reason resulting into failure to trace the transaction done by you or any of your referrals under any circumstance. In such a case, the decision taken by the retailer is considered as final without the need of further clarifications. Although we put an effort to trace missing transactions, we reserve the right to ignore such transactions if the retailer does not find the transaction as qualified.


When you submit the missing cashback, our system checks if you have clicked on the retailer site through our website on the date specified by you. If we do not trace any such click, we would no longer be required to trace the transaction further. We check with the retailer if the transaction is qualified or not. If the retailer disagrees with the transaction, the cashback request is considered invalid requiring no further action. Furthermore, if the retailer states the cashback amount to be more or less than that claimed by you, then the final cashback amount would be as per the discretion of the retailer and BachaoCash. In case the retailer does not pay us the commission, we are not obliged to pay the cashback to you under any circumstance.


BachaoCash is authorised to adjust your account balance as and when required. If any cashback is credited to your account by technical error, human error or any unknown reason, we reserve the right to deduct the sum from your account anytime. This includes the payments not received by us from the retailer or their partner agencies or due to any fraud, hacking or any other reason. So, even if the transaction is marked valid in your account, or even if it is paid to you through NEFT, or Gift card or any other means, we are authorised to ask you to pay back the cashback amount.


6. Account Closure

If you wish to close your account at any time, you must have at least Rs. 250 into you BachaoCash account. If your balance is less, we are not liable to pay you the sum. However, if your validated cashback available for payment (or rewards) are more than Rs. 250 (or reward points) we would pay you the whole sum after deducting reasonable administrative cost for account closure. Currently we only pay the amount via Bank transfer/ Gift Card. In case you are found to breach our terms and conditions, or if you are banned by us for some reason as specified in our terms, we are not liable to pay any sum that is into your BachaoCash account.


7. Intellectual Property

All the content of the site (including the information related to retailers or our members) are the property of BachaoCash and you are not allowed to copy, distribute, reuse it in any way. You agree that the entire information including images and other content are owned by us as trademark, copyright and the related intellectual property rights. By uploading anything on our site, you grant us the permission to use, distribute or reproduce the information for the provision of cashback services to you and other users.


8. Privacy and Cookies Policy

You understand that the information contained on the website is accessible globally through World Wide Web. By joining us, you enter into an agreement that BachaoCash maintains your personal information database.


9. BachaoCash Roles

BachaoCash does not sell or supply any goods or services that are available for you through our site. We are thus not liable for any form of legal obligations related to the standard, quality, or safety related to the goods/ services offered by the retailers. We are not entitled for any form of conflict that may arise between you and the retailer. It is assumed that you are cautious while doing transaction with any of the retailer.


10. Suspension

BachaoCash reserves the right to suspend or ban you from using our services if we identify any breach of agreement. If you are found breaching our terms and conditions or that of the retailer with whom you are making a purchase, using unauthorised referral links, or providing wrong personal details or payment method, we reserve the right to suspend your account without paying you any payment. You are responsible as a member of BachaoCash:-

(i) Not to advertise the goods, services or our offerings.

(ii) Not to breach the privacy and other rights of other entity belonging to the site.

(iii) Not to contravene with the privacy, trademark, copyright, advertisement, inappropriate competition, distance-selling, consumer protection law, or any other regulation.

(iv) Do not put any form of worm, Trojan horse, virus, computer virus or any other harmful software that may cause negative impact on our operational procedures.

(v) Not to cause any form of inconvenience, or disturbance to any other entity.

(vi) Not to use obscene, abusive, offensive, or defamatory language at any time.


If you find any material on our website causing any form of infringement, feel free to contact us and we would take the required actions. If you are found in any fraudulent act, we and the retailer reserve the right to block your account, email accounts, and IP addresses for further usage.


11. Third Party Contacts

If third party contacts us related to your transaction or any information provided in your account, you agree to promptly respond with accuracy for the required information.


12. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Entire information, product related information, materials, content and services on bachaocash.com are included or otherwise made available to you on the website through Visual Softsolutions Pvt Ltd. on "As available" and "As is" basis unless otherwise mentioned in writing. Visual Softsolutions Pvt Ltd does not offer any warranties or representations in an implied or express manner related to the operations of this website or the information, material, content, product related information or offer, price as shown on the website. By joining this website, you agree that you are using this website at your own risk and using your own decision to enter into any transaction with the retailers through our site. We are neither liable nor responsible for any breach of contract or inappropriate disclosure of information, faulty product/ service delivery by any of the retailers or any other dispute arising between you and the retailer. We shall neither be responsible to resolve any such dispute arising between you and the retailer or their manufacturer.


By joining us, you agree that internet is prone to several risks of hacking, misuse, frauds or any other action that may affect the information disclosed by bachaocash.com website and its partner websites. Although we put every effort to maintain security to avoid such occurrence, we do not guarantee against this. In case of the harm caused to your computer or device through hacking, virus or any other hardware or software, we are not liable for any such damages caused. You also agree by joining bachaocash.com that the human errors may also take place during your transaction management and we are authorised to check for the same and add/deduct the differences from your account at any time without prior notice.


13. Indemnity

You agree for indemnifying us against any form of liabilities, expenses or claims that may occur due to any form of transaction with the retailer, or due to the breach of agreement by your account knowingly or unknowingly.


14. Third Party content

The third party information that is displayed on our site is accessible to you through the hyperlinks. We do not take any form of liability knowingly or unknowingly related to the mistakes, defamation, falsehood, pornography or obscenity towards such content. We are also not liable for any misrepresentation of the information related to third party.


15. Contact

By joining us, you agree to receive emails, SMS or calls from us in relation to the services offered by our site.


16. Amendments in the Agreement

We reserve the right to make changes in the Agreement at anytime without prior notice. Under such a case, we will update our Agreement on bachaocash.com website and the new terms and conditions would be in effect immediately as and when it is uploaded on the site. If you have any concern related to this, you are obliged to write to us within 7 days for your concern against the change in agreement. If you do not agree with the new terms, you are allowed to close your account with us.


17. Applicable Law

You are entitled to agree as per the legislation of India and any form of dispute arising between you and BachaoCash are to be dealt as per the law of India.


18. General and Contact details

If you have any query in relation to our terms and conditions, feel free to contact us. Kindly note that, any communication in relation to the terms and conditions are only considered through email. For this purpose, you should write your query and we will revert back to your query to your email id as used by you while registering with our site.

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